December 1, 2023

A New Materials Category

Power Japan Plus is creating a new, drop-in materials category with the world’s first and only organic carbon material: Carbon Complex. Made of naturally grown organic cotton, Carbon Complex wields unique properties not seen in other carbon material ever developed. With the patented Carbon Complex, Power Japan Plus is redefining the sustainable materials industry.

Carbon Complex balances the need for high performance materials that are also sustainable, which is imperative to meet the challenges of constrained resources in the 21st century. Unlike other high-performance materials that rely on rare earth materials, cotton is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.

By controlling the size of the carbon fiber crystals during production, Power Japan Plus can engineer the Carbon Complex for a variety of high performance applications. Engineered to one specification, Power Japan Plus has developed the ideal carbon material for use in the dual carbon battery.

Engineered to another specification, Carbon Complex becomes a super heat conducting, capable of heating from 0 to 800 degrees in 120 seconds with only 600 watts of energy, then back down to room temperature again, immediately safe to the touch. Power Japan Plus envisions dozens of unique heating applications for Carbon Complex.

Engineered to yet another specification, Carbon Complex displays remarkable absorption properties, similar to that of active charcoal. Active charcoal has been proven affective at removing toxins from the body. Carbon Complex has shown additional medical benefits above that of standard active carbon, which Power Japan Plus is working with Kyushu University Hospital to explore various medical applications.