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Tech news providers on Twitter


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If you read this blog, you are obviously interested in technology news.  That’s why I would like to share my Tech News Providers Twitter List with you.

By following that one list on Twitter, you can keep up with Twitter updates from the tech news providers, who I trust for their opinions (and entertainment value in a few cases too.) By the way, if you look at the Twitter widget on the sidebar of this blog, it’s a live feed of all the people on that list.

If you want to add the Twitter List widget to your blog, you can get it here.

So, is there anyone missing from this list that you think I should add?  If so, let me know!

The Tech News Blog moves to Headway

As regular readers will notice, the Tech News Blog has changed a lot this week.

powered by headwayOriginally, the blog was on the Thesis theme; which is one of the cleanest looking WordPress themes on the planet. However, I found Thesis way too hard to adapt and modify myself.

For a few months, I tried using a glossy looking theme, but it looked way too glossy; like a technology website (CNET / ZDNET) – rather than a tech news blog (Scobleizer / LouisGray.Com)

Whilst I wanted the clean simplicity of Thesis, I needed a theme that gave me 100% freedom to design, tweak and modify the blog myself – without having to learn HTML/CSS or hire a expert.  So, I decided to use Headway (I’m now an affiliate) instead.

On Thursday, I added the Headway theme to the blog and in less than 30 minutes, everything was ready!

You know what?  I’ve often spent twice that long looking for how to make one change to a blog, than it took me to configure this whole blog using Headway.  The design you see right now may not be what you personally like, but I assure you it’s exactly the way I want it to look – with zero compromise.

Quick overview of Headway

I am not going to bore you with an insane list of what this theme can do, so here’s a tiny example of things that I was able to do in less than 60 seconds.  Nothing I have done here required me touching the code – it’s all drag and drop baby!

With 2 clicks of a mouse, I can change where the top navigation menu sits; either above the header, below the header or turn it off and have it some place else completely.

I can also add drop down menus to the navigation bar.

Oh, and I can drag the navigation buttons into whatever order I want.

I can change the size / dimensions of the blog in seconds.

In seconds, I can resize any content area, simply by dragging it across the screen with my mouse.

The same is true of the sidebars.

Plus, I can make sidebars look totally different on each page. For example:

Imagine you have a page on your blog, which sells your services. The sidebar for that page could be an animated list of testimonials.

I can change the header image in seconds. No FTP access required and as with everything else in this list, no need to touch the CSS either.

As far as I can see, I can change the colour of everything / anything in seconds.

Simply by pointing and clicking, I can change the font, font size and font colour of text.

I can also change the colour of hyper-links to anything, in just 2 clicks.

I can add a new header image in seconds, without even using FTP!

I can set the blog to automatically send each new post to Twitter, as soon as it’s published.

There’s stacks more things I could add here.

If you are a blogger and want full control over your blog, using drag and drop – you need to check out Headway(affiliate link.)

Full disclosure

Headway is the first theme I have ever been an affiliate of and the first product I have ever promoted on this blog as an affiliate. It’s simply amazing and has transformed the way I blog.  It’s also saved me hundreds, by being able to do everything, in minutes, myself.  As you will have seen, I give full disclosure when I link to an affiliate site. It may look weird, but I believe in total transparency.

If you want to take control of your blog and get great, professional results (without having to wait for or pay for professional help), I strongly recommend you take a good look at Headway.

Check the video’s out by clicking the banner below! If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Agencies UK


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