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slot onlain Online Casino Gambling Guide


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slot onlain is a guide to online casino gambling and is based in Denmark. Of course, there are many reviews for online casinos (over 100, in fact), and the necessary affiliate links for those ready to give the games a try.

Online-Casinos.com tries to provide the player with value in the form of tools you can use to understand the games and strategies. Among the offerings there are:

Free casino game training programs for blackjack, video poker and roulette, along with a blackjack strategy chart calculator that is customizable to a variety of rule variations.

Like many casino sites, there are the training and rules sections, but this website as visualized casino game rule instructions for Texas Hold’Em poker, Omaha Poker, Seven Card Stud Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette and more. This is a great value for those visual-learners among us.

A poker section with reviews of 15 online poker rooms and free poker tools such as our poker odds calculator, the visual training tool for Hold ‘em, Omaha, and Stud, and a tool that teaches Passive/Agressive playing strategy.

A daily updated gambling news section.

Links to more than 100 free flash casino games.

Bonus guides to a variety of online casinos.

A download for a piece of software called “Holdem Helper”. I did not try the software, but it appeared to be one of those programs that runs on your PC and guides your decision-making.

My opinion: Online-casinos.com is a well-planned site that provides value to the player, and if you have an interest in trying a wide variety of online casino games, this is a good place to start.

Yet another blogger gets picked up to cover the WSOP

Just sending out some premature congratulations (ok, say that 5 times fast) to Scurvy, who may get to cover the WSOP this year for a major poker site. Hope it works out, and well-deserved!

Book Review: Bigger Deal, by Anthony Holden

I just love to read books written by talented writers. They make me want to write better.

Holden paints a real-world picture of life in today’s tournament-heavy poker world. You come away with the understanding that tourneys can be crap-shoots, but talented players can still score well in cash games.

I should probably learn something from that last statement.

Holden comments on EVERYTHING to do with the poker boom, and holds little back. The meta-criticism seems to be reserved for American internet players, and he pretty much paints them (us) as the root of all that is bad about poker etiquette today.

Not sure I really agree. Non-US idiots – Mattias Anderson? Tony G.?

Root of crappy etiquette: Non-internet pros – Phil Hellmuth? Mike Matusow?

Yes, a majority of the issues are with American morons. But, moronic behavior is universal.

That aside, I truly enjoyed the book. I think anyone who thinks he’s ready to drop out of college, quit his, or leave the wife and kids because poker is so easy and so glamorous ought to read this first – you may want to re-think those plans.


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