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Official Rules for Casino Tournaments


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In these rules, unless the contrary intention appears:

“Act” means the Casino Control Act 1992;

“Authority” means the Casino Control Authority;

“inspector” means a person appointed under section 106 of the Act;

“tournament” means a competition between players for the playing of any of the games, including the playing of slot machines, under specific conditions which ultimately determine an overall winner.

2. Conduct of Tournaments

2.1 The casino operator may, from time to time, subject to the prior approval of the Authority and in conformity with the terms of such approval, conduct tournaments.

3. Application for a Tournament

3.1 An application may be made by the casino operator to the Authority for approval to conduct:-

3.1.1 one tournament; or

3.1.2 two or more tournaments to be conducted over a Togel Online period not exceeding one year from the date of approval of the first tournament.

3.2 An application must be made in writing at least two months (or such shorter period as the Authority may approve in a particular case) prior to the date on which any tournament is to be conducted and must contain, with respect to each proposed tournament:-

3.2.1 a statement of the entry fee and other conditions of entry, including the entry form that is to be completed by intending players;

3.2.2 a statement of the conditions of play, including:- procedures for the conduct of the tournament; express references to any provisions of the rules of any game that are not to apply or are to be altered for the purpose of the conduct of the tournament; and any additional rules that are to apply for the purpose of the conduct of the tournament; and

3.2.3 such further information and particulars as the Authority may require.

4. Approval by Authority

4.1 The Authority, upon consideration of an application, may –

4.1.1 approve the application;

4.1.2 approve the application subject to such conditions as the Authority thinks fit; or

4.1.3 refuse the application.

4.2 Where the Authority has approved an application that relates to the conduct of two or more tournaments by the casino operator, the Authority may cancel its approval if it is satisfied that the conduct of any tournament the subject of the approval has been in any respect contrary to the terms of the approval for that tournament, or for any other reason the approval should be cancelled.

5. Conditions of Entry

5.1 The conditions of entry to participate in a tournament must include the following provisions:

5.1.1 all entry fees received by the casino operator shall be included in a prize pool for distribution to the winning players in accordance with the conditions of play and no entry fee or part thereof shall be refunded to any person unless specifically permitted by the conditions of entry or conditions of play; and

5.1.2 every entry fee shall be in the amount approved by the Authority in respect of the tournament.

5.2 The casino operator must not accept a person to play in a tournament unless the person has agreed in writing with the approved Rules and Conditions of the tournament.

6. Rules of Tournaments

6.1 The rules of games for a tournament shall be those published in the Gazette in accordance with the requirements of section 66(1) of the Act.

6.2 Where the rules of a game for a tournament published in the Gazette are inconsistent with the rules generally applying to the particular game, the rules of the game for a tournament shall prevail.


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