December 1, 2023

An oil painting artwork to produce the ‘wow’ effect within enclosed premises. It should make the painting say more or express a different feeling, then merely looking at the real print or photograph. Being said this much, the choice of size doesn’t mean that the bigger is better. Here, I have pointed out some guides to select the right size :-

Format of the oil paintings to narrow a focused the subject in a composition. The choice is whether a vertical portrait or a horizontal landscape format fits better. One can visualize a single figure in the portrait doesn’t favorably fit into a horizontal landscape format, the focus subject may, however, distracted by the excess of ‘emptiness’ on both side.

The size and shape of the wall that you will hang your oil paintings. Vertically tall and narrow wall doesn’t blend so well with a oil painting that is in landscape format. And for a large elongated wall, a larger piece of art is therefore, necessary to avoid looking like a postage stamp on the wall.

Visibility of portrait oil paintings within enclosed premises. The further the painting frame that you are going to view, the bigger the size is required for better visibility. Small art portrait will only ‘lost’ in a large room. More about Diamond Art

Size of your furniture over which your portrait oil painting will be displayed. Ideally for portrait format, the width is half the measurement of the furniture below, such as a couch or a king size bed. Or if your chosen oil painting is in landscape form, the requirement will be three-quarter of the width of your furniture below.

One of the most practical way to visualise the appropriate canvas dimension is to use brown paper or old news paper; measure and cut it into the right canvas size, use double sided adhesive tape, and paste it on the wall you want it to hang. Now, walk backwards till you can see the entier room from left to right. If nothing seem to be noticeable, it simply tells that the simulated ‘painting’ size has unsignaficantly change the entire room.