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How can you tell which ligaz888 machines pay out more than the others?


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Checking the payback of the casinos in the areas you plan to visit gives you a head start. These are often published in local newspapers or casino publications. Unless you have a favorite casino where they know you personally and you feel comfortable, why not head for the casinos with the highest payouts? It only makes sense.

It gets a little more difficult when you get to the casino. You can’t tell which machines pay more than others just by looking at them. It takes study and intuition.

First decide upon your gaming budget. To play $1 machines, you should have at least a couple of hundred dollars. Less than $100? Head for the quarters.

Then take a walk around. Check out the action. Try the three-pull rule: Put the maximum number of coins in the machine three times. If you hit a small jackpot, keep playing. If you don’t get anything back, move on. You’ll know when you’re comfortable and things are flowing.

Play the machines at the end of the aisles that are near other banks of slot machines. Sources say that slot executives place higher paying slot machines in locations that are visible to other players so that they will lure players to other, lower paying, slot machines.

Avoid slot machines surrounding the table games. Table players may get up to stretch and drop a few coins in a nearby machine. Casino executives don’t want those table players to get lucky and continue to play the slot machines instead of the table games, so they put the tightest machines around the tables.

Likewise, avoid machines near the showroom or food outlets where people wait in line. Since these players merely drop a few spare coins into the machines with no expectations of winning, there’s no reason for the casino to put loose machines in those locations.

If you’re still confused, ask a slot attendant which ligaz888 machine pays off more than the others. They work the slot floor all day long. Maybe they’ll steer you to a machine that they see pay out more than others. If they help in this manner, don’t forget them. Slip them a few bucks, and you’ve found a friend for life.

How many coins should I play? Won’t my money last longer if I play one coin at a time?

Yes, your money will last longer, but by playing only one coin, you’re giving up the chance of either hitting the big jackpot which usually pays a bonus for playing the maximum amount of coins, or you’re not activating all the lines on a multi-line machine, therefore excluding yourself from the chance to hit more frequent jackpots.

Always play maximum coin. If you can’t afford maximum coin at the $1 machines, drop down to 25-cent machines. But whatever you do, don’t miss out on the chance to win the big of frequent prizes.


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