“Best Company for Sustainability…”

Environmentally Friendly

Traditional batteries are composed of Lithium Complex Oxides, a cocktail of rare metals, rare-earth metals, or heavy metals that are derived at great cost to the environment. Ryden Battery’s electrodes are composed of carbon, a substance which is safe, renewable, and contains no rare metals, rare-earth metals or heavy metals.

A World With Less Mining

By using plant extracted carbon, Ryden Batteries reduce the need for destructive mining practices. Open pit mining scars the surface of the Earth and disrupts fragile ecosystems. Mining releases radioactive materials, rare earth elements, and toxic dust, all of which kill organic life forms and linger on for hundreds of years.

Earth First

Ryden Batteries rely on sustainable carbon, an element that can now be extracted through locally sourced crops similar to cotton, bamboo, coffee beans or sugar bagasse. As a result, Ryden brings power to the world without the harmful side effects of other battery makers, whose productions yield poisonous run-off, toxic emissions, and carcinogens.

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