No Strings Attached…

Q. You say your carbon is renewable to both obtain and use. Can you be more specific?
A. By using carbon, Ryden creates an opportunity to use plant matter to build batteries instead of relying on heavy metals, rare metals, or rare earth metals obtained through costly and destructive mining practices. Ryden's carbon-generating plant matter can be grown locally, made into carbon locally, turned into batteries locally, and recycled in order to make more batteries. The cycle of production and use is a sustainable practice that will facilitate a shift away from our dependence on environmentally hazardous mining and manufacturing.

Q. If Ryden Batteries are green, does that mean that they are recyclable?
A. All batteries are recyclable. However, traditional batteries are made of heavy metal and chemical alloys that require significant energy coupled with chemical reactions to be broken apart, a process which produces poisonous vapors and toxic runoff. Ryden Batteries require less separation. Our pure carbon is removed directly from the battery and ready for reuse with minimal effort and less toxic byproducts.

Q. How do you get carbon from cotton?
A. Local farmers grow a crop of cotton or bamboo, for example. The plant is harvested, and we heat the crop. This breaks the organic matter down into graphite, which is the carbon we can use to make Ryden Batteries.

Q. Ryden Green Batteries are high powered, but do they also have high energy capacity?
A. The Ryden Battery's cathode capacity is slightly lower than the highest-performing batteries on the market, but our energy density is higher, making Ryden Batteries a competitive energy option. As Ryden increases its cathode capacity, it will become the highest energy battery on the market.

Q. Doesn’t the process of heating cotton produce carbon dioxide? Isn’t that still damaging to the environment?
A. It’s true, this process does produce carbon dioxide. However, the growth of the cotton crop also absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen as it grows, so there is an environmental balance built in to this cycle. This isn’t a perfect process, but it is a huge improvement over strip mining and the subsequent processing of heavy metal alloys which are highly destructive to our Earth. Our philosophy is to constantly shift towards green manufacturing, and using home-grown carbon is a major first step.

Q. How much more do Ryden Batteries cost?
A. Ryden Batteries cost the same as other batteries. There is no price to pay for going green.

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