Miyama City and Kyushu University to launch joint research on the supply-demand balance control of solar energy


Miyama city of Fukuoka Prefecture and Research & Education Center of Carbon Resources, Kyushu University announced on November 2, 2015 that they will collaboratively develop a software to maintain the supply and demand balance in energy retailing focusing on renewable energy. The software aims to analyse big data such as energy saving power generation, weather, hours of the day, energy consumption and consumer behavior to be utilized in the energy projects of local public entities./p>

Conventional ways of maintaing demand and supply balance are to adjust the supply according to the demand. In the new software to be developed power consumers will be involved in power demand controlling to localize the adjusting system and by controlling the supply and demand on an area by area basis to cancel the imbalance to zero./p>

The profit from ‘imbalance zero” will be given back to the concerned areas, while the enterprise will maintain its revenue and expenditure./p>

The following are the organizations and firms with their respective roles participating in the consortium:/p>

Kyushu University (Analysis of big data, Development of supply-demand adjustment algorithm) Miyama SE (Development of power supply and demand operation system) Chikuho Bank (Financial support: Support on project verification management, Support regarding PFI/PPP . PFI: Private Finance Initiative, PPP: Private-Public Partnership) Miyama City: (Collection of big data regarding electric power, Dissemination of the knowhow on electricity business to local government units in Japan) Japan FTI/PPP Association (Support on financial matters in case of distributed power sources and privatization of public facilities) Groovenauts, Inc. (Backend support of a large amount of transactions) Kyushu Smart Community (Power demand-supply operation system, operation of CIS system) Major manufacturers of electric appliances (Facility design solution in the whole area) Isahaya Electronics Corporation (Power control utilizing storage batteries and in-house power generation) LE System Co., Ltd. (Explore the possibilities of Redox flow batteries ) Power Japan Plus, Inc. (Study of utilization of Lithium, Carbon batteries )

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