Power Japan Plus Awarded “Best Company for Sustainability”


IAIR AWARDS®, the Prize for excellence in Global Economy, Innovation & Sustainability

Materials engineer Power Japan Plus, won IAIR global award of the Best Company for sustainability in the category Global Carbon. The award was received on October 10th during the IAIR AWARDS® fourth annual edition at Palazzo Mezzanotte, headquarters of London Stock Exchange Group in Milan.

Sponsored bythe European commission,the ceremony gathered more than 40 worldwide companies and business leaders to honor 2014 key players in strategic fields such as global Economy, Innovation, Leadership and Sustainability. Among the participants were: Philips, Subaru, BPC, Veeam Software, Deutsche Bank, Eurasian Bank, and French economist Thomas Piketty as Most Influential Man of the Year.

Mr. Guido Giommi, President of IAIR Group explained the official motivation of the victory by saying: “Thanks to Power Japan Plus’ world’s first and only organic carbon material and its undisputed leadership in creating a Dual Carbon battery, 100% recyclable that provides superior performance without compromising the environment. It represents a sustainable and innovative landmark worldwide. “

The Japanese company has continually demarked itself by the quality and performance of its Ryden Dual Carbon battery; the first cotton-derived organic carbon battery in the world. First launched in May 2014, the Dual Carbon battery has a unique battery chemistry that includes safety, reliability, sustainability and performance for Electric Vehicles and various energy storage applications such as HEMS and BEMS.

“We are very pleased that Power Japan Plus has been recognized as a best of breed solution in the Carbon industry” said Mr. Dou Kani, CEO & co founder of the company. “The award is a source of great pride to our company, and shows our dedication to creating a better & sustainable world. We hope such reward will encourage other companies to get involved in global action ”.

IAIR Awards®2014/2015 roadshow will continue in Dubai, Hong Kong, São Paulo and New York.

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About IAIR®:

IAIR® is a worldwide magazines for global economy and sustainability published by EDITRICE LE FONTI an Italian research institute. The IAIR® Awards is one of the world’s leading ranking and prize that received high visibility from CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, Spiegel, China Company News, CNA China, CNA Taiwan, New York Biotechnology Association and many others. Past IAIR® winners include Panasonic, Ricoh, Atos, Swarovski, Morgan Stanley, Bank of China, UBS, Commerzbank, Rockefeller, IBM, Rothschild, BNP Paribas, UniCredit, China Telecom, National Australia Bank…

About Power Japan Plus

Power Japan Plus is a materials engineer for a new class of carbon material that balances economics, performance and sustainability in a world of constrained resources. Power Japan Plus envisions a world of possibilities powered by the patented Carbon Complex, the first and only organic carbon material. The Ryden dual carbon battery achieves an equilibrium of safety, reliability and sustainability in a high-performance battery for electric vehicles and other energy applications. It is 100% recyclable and contains no rare metals, rare earth metals or heavy metals. Beyond energy storage, Carbon Complex is engineered for specific applications with unique properties not found in any other form of carbon. Power Japan Plus is located at the center of the materials innovation industry in Tokyo, Japan. For more information, please visit: http://powerjapanplus.com.


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