Carbon Complex

Carbon complex

Power Japan Plus wanted an organic, recyclable and sustainable carbon material that was easy to find. Prior to 2013, this was a seemingly impossible mission. Through extensive research and development with Kyushu University, Power Japan Plus produced Carbon Complex. This naturally grown organic carbon material is made from cotton (or other plant-based the like coffee beans, bamboo, sugar cane bagasse, etc.)

Carbon Complex was advanced for the Ryden Carbon Battery. Power Japan Plus believed this material would answer the equation that has baffled battery engineers for years solving problems of performance, cost, reliability and safety. Its natural and easily accessible origins meant that not only did it answer this conundrum but it had numerous qualities compatible with other technologies such as heating applications, satellite and medicine.


Cotton fiber first began showing potential when Power Japan Plus engineers began isolating its carbon fiber crystals. This procedure revealed that the fiber crystals’ rate of growth could be controlled during production. This meant that this easily to manipulate material could be made denser and lighter.


Carbon Complex has displayed very desirable medicinal traits that are also seen in active charcoal. Known for its adsorption properties, active charcoal has been effectively used to remove toxins from the body.


The second breakthrough showed Carbon Complex to have an extraordinary rate of temperature change. Carbon Complex is capable of heating from 0-800 degrees in 120 seconds with only 600 watts of energy, and in a matter of seconds the material can become cool to the touch again.

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