Usable sustainable energy

The Ryden Carbon battery came to existence with one major partnership; Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan. As one of the top ranked material science and engineering Universities in the world, Kyushu University was a crucial collaboration for this development.

From the past model of an undeveloped and untried carbon battery came Ryden. The development was dropped when research determined the battery would not be able to hold enough energy for commercial use.

For some years the design was locked away. This was until one day, almost ten years ago, Professor Tatsumi Ishihara began revisiting its flaws and applying new chemistries.

Like a phoenix from the ashes sprang forth the newly improved and highly sustainable Ryden Carbon Battery. Modern science meant the battery could finally be adapted as a usable sustainable energy resource.

Once this connection was made Professor Ishihara then joined with Dr. Kaname Takeya and Power Japan Plus to bring the carbon battery to life.

More information about Kyushu University can be found here: Kyushu University

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