Providing technology and expertise

Power Japan Plus is a well-established company in the world of energy storage and regeneration, and wellness. In the realm of technology everything is in a state of perpetual evolvement; this is no different for their relations in the industry.


Their experienced Chief Technology Officer Dr. Takeya oversaw battery manufacturing and supply chain for industrial powerhouses like Sumitomo Metal Mining. He has good knowledge in battery management test necessary to adapt the technology to meet demand in specialty energy storage markets for medical devices and satellites.


TAISAN: In 2014 Power Japan Plus put the Ryden Carbon Battery into the fast lane for global recognition with the renowned company, TAISAN, who were looking for an answer to fast depleting energy levels on the track. The Power Japan Plus fueled race car entered into the world famous Le Mans race, 2014.

“We have faced a number of issues with electric vehicle batteries up until now. The Ryden battery from Power Japan Plus is the solution we have been searching for,” - Yasutsune Chiba, Owner of team TAISAN.

Partner with us

Power Japan Plus are looking for high demand industries such as energy storage, car, electric bicycle, golf cart, and electric ship manufacturers to create new partnerships. These partnerships operate under production license and sales business license models. This will provide technology and expertise to existing battery manufacturers to produce the carbon battery.

This technology is constantly developing and soon to branch into other electronic application areas as well as medical and satellite technology.

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