Setting the bar for innovative technologies


Carbon Batteries derived from plants ensure a safer, healthier and more peaceful world.

Our products are sleek and elegant, designed to function with maximum efficiency.


Through carbon battery technology, Power Japan Plus seeks to provide clean and sustainable energy for the entire earth.

With team effort and ethical practices, we strive to create a peaceful and happy coexistence with all creatures on this blue planet.

Masters of Materials

Power Japan Plus is a materials engineering company for a new class of carbon fiber setting the bar for innovative technologies. In 2013 they solved the task deemed near impossible; balancing economics, performance and sustainability. Their exploration in sustainable materials brought forth the original organically grown carbon based material, Carbon Complex. This research opened the doors to further material discoveries while Power Japan Plus maintain their prestige as leaders in this field.

In a world of depleting natural resources these engineering specialists have removed the source of rare metals, rare-earth metals, or heavy metals that are destroying our environment. Rare metals, rare-earth metals, or heavy metals are a thing of the past, Power Japan Plus’s patented Carbon Complex is the answer to a cleaner, safer, and more cost effective future.

Best Company for Sustainability

The Prize for excellence in Global Economy, Innovation & Sustainability at the IAIR AWARDS® 2014 in Milan, Italy. More than 40 companies attended from across the globe. Among these were Subaru, Phillips, Thomas Piketty, and the BBC.

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